Terentius: Comoediae


Shelfmark: Cod. Lat. 31.
Country: Hungary
City: Budapest
Keeper location: University Library, Eötvös Loránd University
Author: Terentius
Content: Comoediae
Writing medium: parchment
Number of sheets: 151 fol.
Sheet size: 199 × 140 mm
Date of writing: 1444
Scriptor: Galoysius Haudry, signed (f. 144v)
Date of illumination: 1444
Possessor, provenience: King Matthias Hunyadi; Ottoman sultans; it was returned to Hungary as a present of Abdul Hamid, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in 1877.
Binding: 19th-century, paper board, red Turkish leather binding
Language of corvina: Latin
Condition: Restored (NSZL, Ágnes Kálmán-Horváth, 1984)