Ransanus: Epitome rerum Hungaricarum

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Description of binding

Corvina under shelfmark OSZK Cod. Lat. 249 is currently covered by a white full leather binding featuring German Renaissance style decoration. The blind-tooled decoration was made with three types of rolls; decoration on the left and right boards is identical. The binding belonging to the group of the so-called Ransanus codex was made in Pozsony (Bratislava) before 1611. There is a later, brown leather covering decorated with blind-tooled lines on the spine of the book. A gilded leather label was pasted on its second spine field. The wooden board features internal bevels along the edges. Two pairs of right-to-left fastening hybrid clasps belonged to the binding, out of which the catch plates on the left board, and fragments of the white leather straps, mounted on the right board and fixed with rectangular hold-down plates, survived. The parchment quires were sewn all along four double cord sewing supports with kettle stitches, with one pair of paper endleaves each at the left and the right. The two-color endband was sewn in natural and pale red colors. The edge was painted greenish blue on all three sides.