Edina Zsupán’s lecture at the 18th Győr Book Salon

Fotó: Hatvaniné Ragány Klára

On November 16, 2018, NSZL staff member Edina Zsupán, curator of the Corvina exhibition took part in a panel discussion entitled “The Reinterpreted Rome”, held in the Kisfaludy Hall of the National Theater of Győr. Topic of the discussion was the corvina kept in Győr.

The codex owned by Győr Diocesan Treasury and Library, the work of Flavius Blondus (1392–1463) entitled Roma instaurata was published in a facsimile decorative edition this year, together with the volume including a Hungarian translation of the work made by Edina Zsupán. Joining Edina Zsupán in the panel discussion were Tamás Kiss, Director of Győr Diocesan Treasury and Library, and art historian Zoltán Székely, Director of Hanság Museum, Mosonmagyaróvár.