Petancius Ragusinus, Felix: Historia Turcica

According to most recent research, this work is a compilation of quotes from other authors and cannot be attributed to the Dalmatian diplomat. The unconcluded illumination fits into the style of the Cassianus group: it is probably a late work of the Cassianus master. (Edina Zsupán. The entry written for the guide to the exhibition was made on the basis of Géza Dávid’s, Bálint Lakatos’ and Árpád Mikó’s descriptions below: The CORVINA LIBRARY and the Buda Workshop. Exhibition Catalog. (Publication in progress.) Budapest: NSZL, 2019, Cat. E10)

Source: The Corvina Library and the Buda Worskhop: [National Széchényi Library, November 6, 2018 –February 9, 2019] A Guide to the Exhibition; introduction and summary tables: Edina Zsupán; object descriptions: Edina Zsupán, Ferenc Földesi; English translation: Ágnes Latorre, Budapest: NSZL, 2018, p 122


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